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It is almost one week I did not upload any blog post and I feel sorry about this and today in today's blog post I want to talk about another topic apart from what I usually discuss on this website that is because I created this website to spread environmental awareness about every topic and not just one so, today in this blog post I want to talk about minimalism. Minimalism is not a problem but a solution to most of the environmental problems that we are facing at this moment such as, waste problems, deforestation, pollution, etc.

Today in this blog post to give a long overview we will be going to talk about two topics to understand the importance of this system and how it can benefit our lifestyle. These two topics are:-

1. What is minimalism?

2. Benefits of minimalism.

so, let us dive straight away to the first topic so that I may be able to explain it to you in more detail.


Minimalism is about giving up your all stuff, you can not be happy, you can not be happy, you need to live with only some clothes and some other things, you can not live in the house you own and you can not live the lifestyle that you want.

(Listening to this you might feel worried that if this is minimalism so why I am explaining this? Well, this is not what truly minimalism is. Often when talking about minimalism people try to associate minimalism with this, but it is not true.)

Minimalism is about living with the things that you feel as essential, It is not about what has explained above. When you will it's meaning, you will find that the meaning of minimalism is living with fewer possessions or you may say living with what is essential. Say that for you essential means good cameras and lenses because you are a photographer then you may live with those items because you have to work in the same way I can not live with all my books and my techs because I am a content creator who reads books.

Minimalism is the lifestyle which asks you to cut the excess and live with things that truly sparks joy in your life or might give you the feeling of happiness when you see it not a life which ask you to bring toxicity in life and ask you to live more of the things that do not spark joy in your life and gives you the feeling of wanting more. In the simplest way what I can say about this is that it lays out the principle for you which asks you to live a kind of lifestyle that differentiates "want" from "need" and let you know what things and values really matter in your life. Now let us jump on the benefits section.


I don't know how I may start this topic because when I even start thinking about this I can list more than a dozen in just one go. I think I need to start listing them all and there I may be only able to list five and if you want more of them then you may comment me down below or you may ask it via any of my social media accounts. So, let us get started...

1. It brings happiness: I said something before, that was to keep things that spark joy in your life and when you live with things that do spark joy in your life then you will feel happiness automatically. And through this process when you spend your life with things you feel happy about you will be able to live a happier and stress-free life.

2. Makes you focused: Think about the time when you sit down to work but finds out that there is a lot for you to do and the biggest thing you need to do is to declutter. I am sure that this might have happened to you once in your lifetime (or maybe more) at this time minimalism could help. When you do not have a lot of stuff to declutter you will ultimately stay focused and can do work very much effectively.

3. Saves money: Remember, what I said about minimalism? I said that minimalism differentiates want from need and lets you decide what to buy and what not to. And if that is the case you will not buy every single thing that you want so, this means that you will save a lot of money in the long run.

4. Re-defines the idea of living: this is one of the things that I want to share for a lot of time. For many people living in the 21 century and being successful means that you must have all the luxuries of life such as a big car, house, expensive gadgets, etc. but for a minimalist, it is not. For minimalists having the essential is all, it gives happiness and it also lets you out of the "modern" style of lifestyle which always indicates to upgrade.

5. Save the environment: I talked about this in the past about saving the environment also the website is all about this. Living a minimalist lifestyle not only saves your money but also decreases the amount of waste we generate. Think about this, you won't buy a new gadget for the sake of living "modern life", you also will not generate the waste by dumping the old one. That is how this method saves the environment and lets us live a life that we want without getting in the loophole of this upgrade.

At last, I want you to ask yourself about this weather you are living a life out of this loophole or you are the pet of this loophole, and is that eating you from inside? Let me know in the comment section down below or through my mail or my social media accounts. Hope you like this blog post and stay happy and safe in your homes, will meet you next week until then bye.

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