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How To Live a Low Waste Day To Day Life

For those who are reading my blog post from the time I started, they might think about why I am only writing about low or zero waste. I know many of you might be thinking about this and wanted to know the answer to this why. So, I want to start off with the answer to this question. Well, I started this website to educate people about environmental issues and I started with zero waste as my topic as I researched about it the whole last year. This will be the last blog on Zero waste for now then I will start other topics such as minimalism and inspiration from people and all those blog posts will be according to the topic of the month, so after this blog post for a month, we will be talking about minimalism. I know that I talked too much so I need to fasten up my writing and need to write in about a read of four minutes. So, without further ado let's get started.


Whenever you need to boost up your day, boost up your morning. That is my thoughts and because of which I try to make best out of my mornings. Many people in the world, because of this thing tries to make the best out of their mornings for example, people do exercise, meditate, do yoga etc. For me, I am still figuring out how does I manage my time because at this time I am doing experiments with my morning routine and is searching the best way to spend my mornings. so, today I will be telling you about what my ideal day will look like. On which I am looking forward to having. The first thing that I use to do is to make my bed after waking up in the morning (or to be very honest sometimes I don't, I just delay my work). After that, I brush my teeth with zero-waste homemade toothpaste (if you want recipes of them I will write them some other day) and then I use to eat my breakfast. Most of the time it is tea and bread and early it is something else, depending on my mood. The tea leaves I use to prefer having are not tea bags but instead, it is in bulk and talking about the bread I am still figuring out how weather to bake my own bread or continue using plastic-wrapped bread for some more time. ( actually this is on my bucket list of things that I need to learn in quarantine. So, I will try to do this someday.) The next thing that I want in my every day ideal lifestyle is to clean the surfaces such as my table where I study or dining table and my work table. The next thing that I want to do is to study (there is a lot to study for me as I just started to do so.) And at last, I want to do some work with my mom. There is a lot I need to do during this time but I have not planned what to do or else I did not have enough supplies to do those works. There is a lot I want to say about what you can do to have a low waste day so some of them. The first thing as I usually say is you must know what is available to you and where you can swap things ( I mean replacing things from your current owning things) such as using stainless steel cutlery instead of plastic cutlery or else if you love drinking coffee from cafe then try to take your own mug or cup to the cafe instead of using single-use cups. Talking about different things you can have or actions that you can take to have a good impact on the environment I have a whole list for it but today I will share only three in every category.

1. Try to find out the swap: I have talked about this a lot and I am saying this again in my this blog. That is because there is a lot you can do by just making the swap. Such as using a cloth towel instead of tissue paper or use a stainless steel bottle instead of using a plastic bottle for drinking, etc.

2. Make your own products: As I mentioned this before I have my self made toothpaste and if you will visit on someone's youtube channel or blog post who practice zero waste, you will find out that they make their own products out of some organic products. So, try to make them. If you want me to write blogs on how I make different products do comment down below or message me on my social media accounts.

3. Cut out the non-essentials: I will say this multiple time, cut out the non-essential that is because I want you to know about it. I have seen it many times, we often buy things that we do not even use but want that to make us happy. For eg., some stationary material you want for annotating and you know that you won't use but want that to show off or just for fun.


Talking about the afternoon routine, there is a lot that I use to do. So, my ideal afternoon routine starts just after 12 when I end up studying for my classes and start to have some entertainment. This is such an amazing thing. I use to entertain myself either by reading a book or by playing with something. The book that I am reading this time is Essentialism by Greg McKeown (belive me reading at this moment is such an amazing thing.) I do this kind of work for about half an hour and then use to browse on youtube or binge watch something on Hotstar or other platforms. Then I use to offer namaz as I am practising religion Islam and then I use to have lunch with all my family members. I know that I am making every bit a short thing as I want to focus more on the tips and already until this time I have wrote around 5k words and I do not want to exceed 7k. Lastly in my this routine, I use to do my blogging work from 3 p.m to 5 p.m so that I can present great content to you. Talking about the tips for this category, all of them is related to eating because somewhat in my heart I feel that food is also such a big way in making waste.

4. What you peel, just compost: I need to talk about this in a separate blog but need to talk about this in brief here. I hope you all know what is compost and if you don't I must tell you that it is the process of recycling organic material which later becomes helpful for plants. What I mean to say is whatever you generate as food waste (not meat) try to compost that material because it will be very helpful for the environment.

5. Save food: Through this I mean to say is that try to not waste food as much you can so that it may not get spoiled. Some various ways to do this is by eating food that you made for lunch at dinner too or making less food in every meal.

6. Eat less meat: Meat is actually one of the ways by which carbon footprints is generated. you may also search about this on the internet. eating less meat or by being vegan, you may help the environment in my ways.


There is a lot that I do at night. my general night routine starts around seven in the evening when I use to have my snacks. Then I use to study and also do some research about what I will be writing next about. But this time I will not be doing this as I want all of my readers to fill the form and let me know about what I need to write about. Time passes when I do different works and then I use to go and offer namaaz. I know that I did not mention anything in the detail as I do not want to exceed more than 7k but unfortunately it has exceeded. so, in brief, I nay tell you that I do eat dinner around 9 and then due to learning Japanese, which is my new learning skill that I am working on. Now talking about the last tips here are they,

7. Use electronic: I know this sounds crazy but it is true, you need to go to your gadgets If you want to work more productively. For me, I use to read e-books and this helps me a lot.

8. Make your phone your teacher: I know this also sounds crazy but that is the best thing about living in this era. I am learning Japanese from Duolingo this time and I am loving to do this. I do not need a teacher but just a phone.

I am now ending this by saying that please do fill the form so that I will be able to know about what kind of blog you wanted and I will respond to your forms too. until then, Bye.

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