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How To Be A Minimalist

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post. Today in this blog post we are going to talk about a deep topic which is "How To Be A Minimalist" and as it is a deep one I can not explain in only one dedicated blog post as it is a wide topic that can not be finished in just a hundred words but I will try to explain in the best possible way about how I became a minimalist and how I am letting things flow in a particular direction.

There are two things that I need to share at the beginning of the blog post before I begin to describe the categories.

The first thing that I want to say is that minimalism is not a math problem that has the formula to reach the solution. Everyone has different ways to work, some start by buying everything in the beginning and others started to take time and analyze from this point what I want to say is that "Everyone has different ways to approach a problem"

The second thing that I want to mention is that if you really want to be a minimalist then join my patreon. Here I started a series on how to be a minimalist and in that series, you will find many amazing contents about how you can really be a minimalist and there all the materials and posts are made to guide you in this journey and the materials are flexible materials that everyone will love to use in their journey to be a minimalist.

Now let us talk about the topics that I need to cover in this blogpost. Here are some steps which will tell you about how to be a minimalist and if you want detail of this whole process then do pay a visit on my patreon which is currently in the process of uploading content as per said in the tiers.

1. Start researching: This is one of the top recommendations I give when somebody shares that they are going to change something in their life. Seriously this is one of the most important things that anybody must do before taking a decision. Believe me, my whole last year was dedicated to this work. I saw people's videos and read books about this topic to know more about how this thing looks like, what are the pros and cons of this kind of lifestyle and how people are living life after taking this decision. At this point, I also want to thank Marie Kondo, author of the book Spark joy and The life-changing magic of tidying up who helped me know more about minimalism also the YouTubers whose videos helped me to do great research are Sadia Badiei and Matt D'Avella. I really want you to see their youtube videos and read Marie's book because it is such an amazing source of research. Lastly, at this point I want you to spend time researching whether you can be a minimalist or not, what will be the pros and cons in your life after you start living a minimalist life, etc. If you want resources from my side then you may visit on my patreon where I will upload content as per mention in the tiers.

2. Set Vision: The reason why I am putting this on second is that it is the best place to keep this point. If you are not able to know what your future needs to look like you won't be able to visualize how you will be working and looking forward to this lifestyle. This personally helped me a lot while I was planning to become a minimalist. At night what I usually use to do was to think of this phrase "If I was a minimalist what would I do at night or how my life would look like. This also helped me a lot to have a crystal clear vision about how my life would look like." This helped me a lot to look forward to my minimalist lifestyle. Of course, sometimes visions don’t match from reality and that may result in demotivation. In that case, the thing that I would recommend is to follow the upcoming topic (or step) first and then move to this one.

3. Finding Alternative: This could be the best option when you are not able to find everything around you. It may be possible that there is no bulk market around you or there are no thrift stores or ethical brands which sell ethical clothes to people. If that is the case, you do not need to worry about it. The best thing you can do is to find alternatives. For me, the place I live in, we don't have access to any thrift stores from where we can buy second-hand products. So, what I do is to wear the clothes that were previously owned by my sister and if I need some good clothes I ask my Mumma to make for me or we buy them from stores. In this way, I don't actually buy more clothes. Talking about my clothes, they are donated to other people who need them. This is just an example to motivate you so that you can look after small alternatives which you may want to consider including in your life. The best way to keep track of them is to write them somewhere and then check whether or not it helps you in the best way possible.

4. Making principles: Just before writing this blog post, I was reading a book named Atomic Habits by James Clear and I want you to read this book too that is why I also am mentioning an affiliated link from which you can buy the book. I remember reading the topic that our identity shapes our habit and vice versa (it is in the second chapter of the book.) there I read a line if you want to establish habits then you have to change your identity. from that perspective if your goal is to live a minimalism life than you must be a minimalist or your goal must be "become a minimalist". I really want to covey this thought and the reason why I want you to tell about this at this point is that if you want to be a minimalist than you must adopt the values of a minimalist (for eg. to separate want from need). What I want you to do is to find out the common principles that you may adopt and try to make some from your own. (For me one such is that I have a schedule to do the work that helps me to reduce the stress and workload).

That is all for this blog post. If you want to really be a minimalist and want me to guide you in this path then do pay a visit on my patreon page and if you like it then do make some efforts to be a member. In this way, I will be able to earn some money.

And if you want to read any of the three books mention above then you may buy them from Amazon through my affiliated links which you may find as a link when you will click on the name of the books or you may find it down below.

1. Spark Joy by Marie Kondo:

2. The life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo:

3. Atomic Habit by James Clear:

That is all for now and we will meet next week with another blog post until then stay safe and happy.

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