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How Can We Make Good Habits To Minimize Trash and Pollution In This Great Year

This time because of the recommendation from my friend I started to read Angela Duckworth's book GRIT: THE POWER OF PASSION AND PRESERVANCE. Although I am at the beginning of the book and I found the reason why I failed last year to complete my goals. Not because they were not SMART goal but because I was not gritty. That was the reason I failed to achieve my all goals. Well, I do not want to give a spoiler alert to those who didn't read it until now. then I will recommend you to read it as soon as you can as it will make you realise how you could help to save yourself from falling behind of your new year resolution or anything else that you planned to do it this year. Well talking about the new year resolution I have many. From my weight gain to make my upcoming high school years the best years. But then talking about little me who wanted to be a social activist I have about five to ten goals which I can accomplish to make my year the best. Today as I want to share how can you minimize things and also trash from your life I will first recommend making a tracker because if you are going to ask me I am a person who is very bad in realizing that I failed in doing something. If you are going to search on youtube about what habits you must make to minimize your stuff down I would say that they all will give some random habits that they had experimented on themselves and are working great on them but what I would recommend is choose habits that can suit you best as in my case many people say that you must fold your clothes that way or you must take your food scraps to compost rather than in dustbin or else you must not buy things that are in glass jar not in plastic ones. When I first started to do this I started to feel low as most of the time I was not able to find things in the supermarket exactly the way people suggested and I and my parents usually end up buying things that are wrapped in plastic and also after purchasing the things I realize that I must not have bought in that way and then a long conversation started to take place in my house where on my side there is only me and on the other side there are my parents and sisters who use to say that there is no way they could stop using plastic. So in the end, if you would ask me what I do then use to convince them and then also use to realize that circumstances matters. The habits that I am going to make this year is that I would try my best to do things and will keep on going and that is what I can also tell you to do to keep on going in any way that you can but ultimately it must help the Environment to be better for our future.

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