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Benefits of minimalism

In the last blog post, I promised you to give a dedicated blog post about the benefits of minimalism so here I am. Today in this blog post we will be talking only about the benefits of minimalism. But before I start writing this all I want to tell you something, If you are Indian you must actually know the current crises created by the forest department. If you do want to know to follow me on twitter to read my tweets and if you want me to write a separated blog post please let me know via Instagram because I use that often or via my mail id link of both are given on the homepage of my blogging website and I will mention about this here too. and now let us get started.

(Disclaimer: I am not opposing minimalism. It is an excellent type of life and the reason I am talking about minimalism is to only aware you about it and also because I love it) and now lets dive straight in this section which will explain more about the benefits and why I love this movement and I am sure after you will complete reading this blog, you will consider reading more about minimalism.


minimalist desk

. Makes you productive and focused: Having less stuff means fewer distractions, and that is what can make you productive and focused. At this moment I am talking about digital minimalism too which in this case also fits. Have you ever felt that when you open your phone too some notifications started to attract you towards the app and when you open the application you spend a lot of your valuable time and then you forget why you opened your phone, or you must not have enough time to complete that work? If that is so minimalism helps in that. If you want me to tell you more about this you must wait until the end of this week because I will be posting some good resources about this topic on patreon.

2. Saves a lot of money: I talked bout this in the last blog post too but I think I need to dive into this topic a little bit. I talked that it separated want from need but sometimes it is more out of what you think. When buying some sort of items you will find that you want to buy an extra item too but actually, for minimalists, this is actually not a matter of fact as the foundation principle says that you must let anything go before you take one. For eg., I want to take a backpack for my school so I need to donate my last one and so if that is in good condition you won't let that go.

3. Re-defines the idea of living: Here re-defining means a lot as during this era of upgrade people always tend to live a life in this loop creating a pang of guilt that if you do not own the latest model of the phone, you will be said as backward. I saw that kind of person in my life, but the problem is not in others but in our principles. This mentality is actually been created by the big industry houses through their advertising and their taglines. Minimalism is actually the opposite and lets you out of this loop as it says to own the things that you feel essential and has a major role in your life.

4. Brings Happiness: This is one of the major things lacking in the lives nowadays in our lives. During this time of the pandemic, people are stressed about the death rated and the cases increasing day by day and this is not only making us aware but making us stress and producing the feeling of sadness. I was a bit sad too in the starting but now I am fine from the time I started eliminating things from my life that are not making me happy and started to admire what I have created a happy atmosphere in my house. Being a minimalist and living with the things that admire you the most helps you feel happy.

5. Develop Gratitude: This one is connected to the previous one and here I want to tell you that having less generates the feeling of gratitude not the feeling of toxicity (which minimalism is actually been mistaken to). At this moment you start admiring things as I said before and you will be able to feel stress-free and happy.

6. Makes a lot more space: At my home, I always volunteer for dusting the tables, and other objects that we own and during this time it feels great to have less on the surface because sometimes putting things somewhere, dusting and then putting things back can feel really bad but last day when I was doing this work and my table was having a lot more space I feel fresh and loved the top.

7. Make your priority on top: Having less stuff means less to work. For eg., your time is saved because you do not need to declutter multiple times in the day and you do not even need to feel confused about what to do and what not to do. That's how minimalism is actually helping me to write a good blogpost and even study in a better way. Now I can focus freely on the things that I need to do.

8. Connect you with people: This is one of the ways I liked about minimalism, It connects people with each other as when you will be having fewer things to work with you will really start connecting to people. Believe me that at this point since the day I started to adopt minimalism values I began having a great time talking to my friends and family I do not know if that happens to anyone else or not but from my personal experience I am telling you this benefit.

9. Allow you to pursue your interest: this also comes from my personal experience that after I started adopting those values my brain found the way to work effectively with my interest such as blogging and learning language. If you are wondering what language I am studying this time so it is Japanese because I am obsessed with Japanese culture and one day I surely wanted to visit that place.

10. Let you express more effectively: I do not know about you but I am a person who does not like clutter and her brain did not work effectively when there is a lot around. Since that day of the decision I am having less clutter and also it is helping me to think of great ideas about my blog post, my studies, and all my side projects that I am working on.

These are the benefits that I want to share with you and if you are having any kind of query regarding any topic please do let me know via my Instagram where I am able to attend all your queries and also please do let me know about what do you think of those benefits and last but not the least I need some suggestions for my podcast name.

That all for this blog post, I will meet you in the next blog post on 18 May (i.e next Monday) so until then stay safe and stay happy.

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