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Beginners Mindset To Zero Waste

There is a lot that is happening in our world whether it is in the industrialisation or on social media that is making us too busy. it is making us busy in that extent that we have forgotten that there is someplace that is turning miserable and which is begging for help. I am not talking about anything else but it is our home, it is mother earth. in this century we have misused it at much extent that this earth needs our help now and if we are not going to give it we will face serious destruction. the moment I am writing this, a pandemic situation is already created in the world due to COVID 19 and because of this many people have been killed. I am not going to talk about that in this blogpost as I am not an expert but the thing I can say is that we must protect ourselves according to the guidelines published by the CDC or WHO. today I want to talk about another major issue that is trash. as I have dedicated me this blogging website to only two topics that are minimalism and zero or low waste lifestyle I want to tell you that this issue is getting too much bigger. in some places, people like Greta Thunberg are protesting for climate change or in other places, people like Lauren singer are saying to go on zero waste journey. I am not criticising them do any of such thing but the thing I want to make you know that Why? why do we see very few people who are environmentalist, who do better for the world? Why all of us are not having the initiative of going zero waste or do something for the betterment of the earth?


If you google the term "top environmental issues in the world" you will find many ways our earth is becoming worse. if you see from the bigger picture there are many harms we are doing to the earth. It is either because of deforestation or it might be about pollution. the only thing that you must focus on your area where you want to impact more and then as Simon Sinek wrote in his book Start with why. I also started in a similar way. it all started in May 2019 when I was influenced by Lauren singer about zero waste and then I found my way which is according to me is to make it a better place for the sake of humanity and I won't give up until my last breath (cough that line I just wrote is because I was seeing up a motivational movie) now write this on a paper which may help you to remember your intention and your goal. Believe me that if you succeed (which I pray you may) then you will be happy from what you have written in your intention page. also, you may write goals that you want to achieve in your future that you want to mark ticked when you spent some time in it. Taking to this the next is


“Be brave and create the life of your dreams. Dare to strive for the spectacular.” creating goals too helps in finding motivation for work. For me personally, I want my bullet journal or a sticky note on which I may write my goals. that is because I want myself to get all the boxes to be filled through this I get the motivation to do more good work the next day. According to me, you must have this written on a paper or a book and then you must get it filled on your environmentalism journey this will not only help you but it will keep you motivated throughout this. Take me as an example. I am a middle-grade student (surely I will be a freshman in April) and to contribute in this I use to write blogs on this website and do some other activities like influencing people about this topic and talking about the goals I have a bullet journal which has my goals on daily, weekly, yearly and lifetime basis which I track on regular intervals of time.


Now when you gain motivation and have ideas of what you have to do you need to go and work on ideas. As I mentioned a book name on the top of every heading I must tell you that I will give you some affiliated links from where you can buy those books. Now talking about this book and this topic you must know that your ideas and actions must be sustainable. According to the dictionary, this word means:- able to continue over a period of time and environmental sustainability is about causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time. What I wanted to say is that you must remember that every action matters weather you can contribute by skipping travel trough petroleum cars and using electric car or public transport. the other ways through which it can happen is to take freshly unwrapped food instead of plastic-wrapped food. It is up to you how you encourage your work.


it is not a book name, It is the term used to describe people who work for the betterment of the earth. this can be the most effective way you can do your work. If you are of age 13 or above you must be eligible to use social media account. try to talk to people who started to walk on the path that you are planning to do and who had achieved the milestone you are planning to achieve. in this way, they will be able to share their experience and you will also be able to know about the steps you should take. also, the other thing that you could do is to spend your time with likeminded p[eople who can encourage you to do work that you are currently planning to do. last but not the least you want to track your things too.


I read this book at the starting of this year and so I want to recommend this to you too. The basic principle of this book is to improve 1 per cent day by day as things don't change overnight. I am asking you to do this because no one is perfect and the fact you must do it is because we need this. For eg. going zero waste means that you must reduce your waste to zero and that is because after you track you are able to get a bigger picture and this tells you how much more you have to do next. It helps you to to make goals and achieve it.

Hope you will enjoy this blog post. See you in the next one.

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