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About Me

Safoora Hafeez

I am a content creator, and an environmental enthusiast, and more working to spread awareness about climate change specifically to young people who want to create an impact but don't know how. 

What am I upto?


I am currently a junior in high school prepping with Physics, Chemistry and Maths as my main subjects. I am also prepping to give SAT and do my college degree in Environment Sciences.


Previously, I worked with Our Youth For The Climate for whom I was working as a researcher and researching weekly topics related to climate crises (you can check all of them under my work page). Currently, I am working with Resist Two as a researcher. I also work as a city coordinator for Fridays For Future Aligarh and work with Fridays For Future Uttar Pradesh where I walk in different shoes such as researcher, graphic designer, social media manager, and more.

​​📱Social Media

If you are unaware of this fact, I create social media posts on Instagram regarding my environmental journey. Inspiring youth to make changes in their lives. Join me on this journey


I have a bi-monthly podcast named "The Climate Awareness Journey by Safoora Hafeez" in which I spread awareness about climate change and guide you toward your activism. It is available on 8 platforms including Spotify

​📰 Newsletter

My newsletter Conscious Climate is also a bimonthly edition, where I post about environmental news, must-watch, tips, and more.  

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